Cursing and bullying on the bus has become a problem, lets stop it

Come on people really should we really be using the f word and several other foul words on the bus. We are in middle school. You need to realize that maybe when you call a girl the b word that it is offensive.  When you call people a name that is a form of bullying.  So lets stop the afternoon madness. Next time when you use foul language think to yourself would my mom approve of this, my dad, the principal, my grandma, and most of the time the answer would be no. You need to realize that the BUS IS NOT AN APPROPRIATE TIME to use this language. Hopefully this will stop you if not, wow just wow, what kind of a person are you do you enjoy making people feel afoul about themselves by cursing you are saying to the younger kids that it is OK to call someone a rude and offensive name. I don't like it and neither do you. Stop and that is the word I leave with you

Just Stop!

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