Same-Sex Marriage Is Not Good for Families and Children

what are the effects?

About 68%  children growing up with out a mother or a father , often lead up to those children getting into trouble. This leads to problems within the family. Causing divorces and depression.

       Every child should have the right to have a mother and father supporting them. I feel it violates the natural law" 1 man , 1 woman , 1 marriage." this  does not create a loving supporting family, but a sterile union. When opposite sex married couples participate in sexual reproduction, they create a life , with characteristics like them. Sam sex marriage couples have to adopt , making that child confused of what a real healthy family looks like. Not only does it confuse what a family is supposed to look like , but makes them confused about there gender, and  sexual life.

       In my religion, this offends GOD. He created a woman out of a man , and that's the way it should be. Jesus Christ taught “From the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female. For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother; and shall cleave to his wife.”(Mark 10:6-7). I feel like those who are gay or lesbian, should keep that away from children. If you choose that lifestyle I feel the consequence should be not having a child It is not a healthy environment.

      On the other side of this debate. The couples feel that they have the free will to choose who they want their life long partner to be. They feel like they consider themselves like other regular couples , but the matter is, is that there not. They say GOD gave them the free will ,and they do, but they cant be selfish and not think about the children's sexually future.

   In the end same-sex marriage is not healthy for anybody in that family. It creates  problems that are very hard to fix. It is not right in the eyes of GOD and shoud not bbe allowed near children.

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