liv Chayevsky

This book is called My Life in Pink and Green

I am going to show you 5 things that are an important part of this book.

I'll show you why this symbol is very important

This recycle symbol is important to the book because the book teaches you to recycle what you can because if you don't you can be wasting a lot of things that could be saved.Lucy learns that lesson and now tries to recycle as much as possible.

This is very important to this book.

Money is needed at the Old Mill Pharmacy Lucy and her family desperately need to get some more of this magical stuff, they are starting to get out of business but they don't want to, so if they have more costumers than money is in their hand soon and fast.

makeup is important for one person in the family

Lucy always has to try on makeup for the pharmacy to test it out and see if it looks good. Now Lucy loves to do peoples makeup so much that she gets calls to make an appointment with people she doesn't even know. The bright side is that she gets paid so that helps the pharmacy get more money.

perseverance is key in this book

Lucy loves the pharmacy and doesn't want it to go out of business and is always thinking of ideas to expand the store and get more costumers to come. She keeps trying and trying to keep the store in business.

This pharmacy is one of the most important things in the book

The Old Mill Pharmacy is extremely important to Lucy and her family. They have grew up with this pharmacy and love this pharmacy so much. Lucy goes there almost every day after school she even helps around and helps customers but lately this pharmacy is getting low with money and almost out of business there is only so much you can do to try to save this little pharmacy.

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I'm DONE THANK YOU FOR observing my book report!

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Really cool Livypoo! I think I might read this!😃😉

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that was from Carly

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Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MAKEUP- LEAH THE FERRET