Roman Arm

Everything about the Roman Army

The Introduction

The Roman Army was very strong and also very important to the Roman Empire. The roman are hardly defeated because they are trained hard. They protect the Roman Empire because they are trained hard. They train hard to rule and conquer other countries and places. Right now it is known as Italy, but the Roman Empire in ancient times was around 5 to 4 times bigger then Italy right now.

Main part of the army was the legion. This was made up of 5000 men under the command of the legate. The legate is a the most important person in the army. He will command the whole roman army. The legion was divided into ten cohorts. Each cohort was made up of six centuries. The centuries were commanded by a centurion.  Centuries originally had 100 men. The centurions were very important men.  They were responsible for training the soldiers under their command and making sure everyone obeyed orders. Some were very cruel but they got trained hard.

Each century had its own emblem or standard.  This was carried by the standard bearer, a very experienced and trusted soldier. To lose your standard was a great disgrace and so awful.

How to be in the legionary

To become a legionary, there were some things you had to physically have. You had to be fit and had to be strong. You also had to phisically 1.6 metres tall. It was strict as to be a slave.

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