The Proposal

Dear King Henry VII, I would most dearly like to explore the new land off west so I can bring back the riches to you.  Sadly i need 100,00o dollars for funding but I will give you 150,000 dollars for founding me from   the resources I bring back from the new found land I conquer.  Also I will need funding for a crew which I need for this major expedition.  But I hope you don't mind that I bring along some of my friends to help out as well.  If you say yes then I will need the money by 1503 to set sail to the new land waiting to be conquered and picked clean of resources.  May I repeat again that if you spend 100,000 dollars you shall get an extra 50,000 dollars back new resources, and a colony under your name taking over the new land in the west if you give me  the money.  But there are some throw backs that American Indians are already there and they have been killing our troops, plus there will be sickness we've never dealt with before.  But think about the rewards at the end of it.

Sincerely, Jordan Narcisse

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3 years ago

I like your Tackk.