Shiver by Maggie Stievfater

-Shiver is the first book of the series and if you like it u should read the others

The summary is in the beginning a girl named Grace tells the story of how she was dragged off by wolves and how she has dealt with it over the years. She meets a boy named Sam after she finds out he is the wolf, her wolf. She saves him and she slowly starts to learn about his pack and his nightmarish childhood. They adventure throughout all the books together becoming a couple and facing events that no others have to face. Never leaving each other even when the worst possible things can happen and always waiting for each other. He leaves when he doesn't want to and Grace is forced to wait months for him to come back to him. They spend their teenage years saving and fighting for each others lives. in Mercy Falls. There are 3 books total about Sam and Grace until the worst is over.

-This book is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by barns and noble

-This is a fantasy book about humans that turn to wolves when the temperature drops

-It has love in it and tells how Grace and Sam fight to stay together even when the whether changes the un-ordinary human into a wolf

-This book was personally my most favorite and 1st series of a book i have read. It has made me smile, laugh a little, be shocked and couldn't move, it has even made me cry...all 3 books made me cry. It's happy and sad and sometimes you get mad at what happens.

-I would rate this book a 4.5 stars also and i would encourage someone to read these books if they like fantasy and if they like werewolf stories with a little bit of love in it (not too much love i promise).

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