Channel  Islands: The greatest place in the world

The Channel Islands of California are a chain of eight islands located in the Pacific Ocean  off the coast of Southern California along the Santa Barbara Channel in the U.S.A. Five of the islands are part of Channel Islands National Park, and the waters surrounding these islands make up Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. Channel Islands National Park has five remarkable islands and their ocean environment, preserving and protecting a lot of natural and cultural resources. Isolation(a process or fact) over thousands of years has created unique animals, plants, and archaeological resources found nowhere else in the world and helped preserve a fabulous place where visitors can experience coastal southern California as it is and always will be.

Channel Island is located in Western Europe Channel Island has a population of about 168,000. The total area of the island is 194 km squared. The islands were the only part of the British Commonwealth to be occupied by the German Army during World War II. The Royal Navy blockaded the islands from time to time, particularly following the Invasion of Normandy in June 1944. The Channel Islands 8 total islands. The highest point in Channel Islands is called Les Platons. Christianity was brought to the islands around the 6th century.

The islands were set aside by Congress not only to preserve these resources, but also to provide your enjoyment. If you visit this park, you will be one of a select group. Few people actually see this park because it is not easy to get to (you can't drive to the islands). A short but exciting ocean voyage or a commercial flight in a small airplane is required. The park is one of the least visited of all of America's national parks. The relatively light visitation enhances the islands' feeling of solitude and assists in the protection of (fragile) resources. In establishing the park, Congress recognized the value of solitude by allowing for low intensity (limited entry visitation). So a visit to this national park will always provide a marked contrast to the bustle of southern California most people experience. It will always be a place where you can step back in time and experience coastal southern California the way it once was.

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Channel Islands has about 2000 species of plant and animals. 145 of the species can only be found on Channel Islands. The Channel Islands were created by tectonic forces, which caused them to rise up out of the ocean five million years ago. About 70 different species of plants grow only on the islands. Channel Islands National Park is one of the least visited of the parks in the National Park System this is due, of course, to the difficulty of reaching the islands.

So Basically . . . Visit Channel Islands

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