Cheerleading 101
“Bird 1,2” cheerleading is a great sport for everyone! There is four main parts of cheerleading, there is stunts, cheers and coaches .


In stunts the all different types from one mans to simple knee stunts, and i’m going to tell you about some of them.When you are in a knee stunt, you have to have two people on one knee and a person standing on your knee.There is personstanding behind to make sure you don’t fall. Another type of stunt is a elevator. Is when a person is is in the middle of two people and they do a jump up or a step or a ground up ect…. The two people on the sides and hole there feet while the flyer dose a cheer ao anything.The back spot has to hold the flyers ankles and take some weight off the spoters

When you do cheer you can’t have noodle arms, your arms have to be tight and sharp. You also need to have a loud voice.Sometimes dance is a part of cheerleading, you perform at competitions. The first ever cheer began in 1898 then they started to have cheerleading squads! at first, only boys were aloud to cheer then in 1929 girls started.


Has anyone told you “you can do anything you put your mind to,” that is just what coaches do! Most people say that coaches are mean but, they are not. like my coach always said “always try again!”

I have to go I got to bird this girl”

by:Brooklynn S.

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