Top 10 Internet Safety rules

Top 10 internet safety rules

  1. Don’t post or give out any personal information.
  2. Think twice before you post something in the internet because it’s still going to be there no matter if you delete it.
  3. Never give out passwords to anyone not even if it’s your best friend.
  4. Don’t chat or talk with anyone you don’t know on the internet.
  5. If you see something that is not right, inappropriate or unsafe then tell an adult ASAP.
  6. Be respectful of other people and don’t be mean because your actions can have consequences.
  7. Do not agree to meet people you’ve just met or met online first talk with a parent about it because you can be in danger.
  8. Also remember that people you meet or chat with online can mostly be someone else.
  9. Don’t be mean online, that is cyber bulling and if your cyber bullied then don’t be scared to talk with a trusting adult.
  10. Keep your privacy private at all times.

These internet safety rules are important because they tell you to what to do but also what no to do for example the first rule is not to give out personal information and that one means like never give out like your DOB [date of birth], address, where you go to school stuff like that to anyone you don't or trust  to and also the 7th one is don't to agree to meet someone in person that you don't know so you don't get in danger and if you do get in danger shout FIRE and not help because if you say help people will not want to help you and if you shout FIRE then people will be curios and instead of seeing the ''fire'' the will see you getting hurt or seeing you in danger and will help. I really hope you follow these rules.

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