Sherlock Holmes: The Movie

In 2009, there was a movie about Sherlock Holmes battling a secret order that wants to take over the world, with "magic". This is a nice movie, as it relates to the book more, as it is based in the 1800's.

^ Up there is a video of Sherlock Holmes (2009 Movie) boxing to win some money. (Contains violence) (Not Mine, all copyrighted things belong to their respectful owners)

Sherlock: BBC

Loosely based off of the books, this puts Sherlock Holmes in the modern day, in a small apartment in London. (He solves cases to kill time, as I think he is even more of a sociopath here.)

^ Up there is one of Sherlock Holmes' deduction scene. S1E1: A Study In Pink (Very minor language at end.) (100% Not mine, all footage is from BBC)

It is a very depressing fact, but its true. Sherlock Holmes doesn't exist.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows

This is the sequel to the First Sherlock Holmes movie. This time, instead of Lord Blackwood as the antagonist, it is Mr. Moriarty. (Which is the nemesis of Sherlock Holmes.)

Down below, you should say your favorite Sherlock Holmes! (The book, the movies, the whatever's.)

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