WWF- World Wildlife Funds.

WWF is a website where you either make donations, adopt, or use your voice and demand climate change in action. They report new species and species that are endangered. It only takes two minutes for you to save endangered species life.

Baby leopard:

Out of many endangered species, here is baby leopards who was relocated to the zoo because there home out in the wilderness was getting destroyed by deforestation.

Price? and Good Consideration in why donating, adopting, or putting climate change in action for these animals:

  • Adopting animals are free but every animal comes with a kit at the price of $55. These animals are loving, caring, and playful living beans and they should be just as happy as were are having a place to call home and eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. Donating doesn't have a certain amount you have to pay so the price is up to you.
  • Some people aren't really big fans of animals but taking a few minutes to either donate, adopt, or put climate change into action with a click of a button wont hurt you. Endangered species go threw homelessness and starvation everybody until they die or get picked up by somebody, some people don't even take them home to love on and to give them a place to live, most people beat animals or put them in animal fights.

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