Hope Solo and the domestic violence case no one is talking about


Lack of Equality and Opportunity

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While many NFL Stars like Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson are banned from playing because of domestic-violence cases, Hope Solo, U.S. women's national team goalkeeper, is still playing after being accused of the same crime. She has assaulted her half-sister and 17-year-old nephew last summer. With the Women's World Cup coming up, she is quietly doing her work and keeping soccer balls out of the net.


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Lack of Equality and Opportunity are linked to this story.

How come Solo gets to play on while the NFL stars can't? The first thought coming in to mind is gender difference. Could it be that Solo's case is rather insignificant? Well, they are all star athletes and role models in their sport, so shouldn't the cases be handled the same? Cindy Boren, the author of this article, questions "Why aren't more people talking about the fact that domestic violence isn't simply an issue of men against women?". In addition, the fact that Solo can still play is a major difference in opportunity. For the NFL stars, they will not be able to play. However, if it is remained quiet, Solo will be able to play on to the Women's World Cup, which is a huge opportunity in her career. Thus it seems certain that gender plays a role, which leads to opportunity of playing.

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