Barry Littlejohn: All About Menopause

Barry Littlejohn treats a broad range of women’s health issues at his practice in Glendale, Arizona. His many satisfied patients have always been impressed by his dedication to personalized healthcare, and know that his commitment to his practice means that they are guaranteed to see him at each appointment they schedule.

The women’s health care matters that Barry Littlejohn specializes in include high-risk pregnancies, infertility issues, and symptoms of menopause. Menopause is something that most women are going to face as they age. As daunting an idea as it can be, Barry Littlejohn tells his patients that it is extremely uncommon for one woman to experience all of the usual symptoms of menopause. But many do experience some physical and emotional symptoms brought on by menopause, caused by a hormonal imbalance. The onset of these symptoms usually begins when a woman is in her mid-forties, the time that most women’s reproductive capability begins coming to an end.

The stage of gradually falling and fluctuating hormones is a phase known as perimenopause, says Barry Littlejohn, and it can last as long as two years before the woman’s final period. These symptoms usually end then, although some women, he says, will experience them beyond that.

Barry Littlejohn advises his patients to be proactive. What they do when they are younger will impact on when menopause begins, and how it impacts them. He says that women who are in better physical condition before the onset of menopause stand a much better chance of maintaining a good body weight, and reducing their risk of disease once menopause is over.

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