How History Influenced Star Wars

Children were killed with no mercy at all.

The holocaust and Star Wars relate because they both involve with the death of innocent children that were murdered violently showing no mercy to them.

Children were abused and suffered a lot during the Holocaust.

Children during the Holocaust were abused and mistreated. Most of them were killed in the Concentration Camps where they were killed by gas chambers, hard labor, starvation, age, it was only those who escaped or were strong enough made it through the camps, but forever were scarred for life.

Both of these relate because in both places it talks about having no mercy to anyone. In Star Wars the kids are killed at a very young age and very violently. During the Holocaust children, men, women, tall or short any Jews were destined to be killed in the Concentration Camps in many violence forms with the Nazis showing no mercy to them.  

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