French newsletter, le 25 février
Next week there will be two Tables:
Tues. 3/3 7:30-8:30pm and
Thurs. 3/5 5:30-6:30pm

Meringues! (Taken by J. Starmer)

Reading a menu in French isn't always easy, but this short list will help increase your vocabulary:

Do you have a favorite French word? ("Pamplemousse", for example, is fun to pronounce, n'est-ce pas?)

Le musée des Beaux Arts, Lyon recently changed its cover photo on Facebook to this beautiful image:

Even the French have a hard time remembering if words are masculine or feminine!

In French, the homeless are called SDF (sans domicile fixe). This is a brief overview of the homeless in France:

Get some listening practice while listening to authors read excerpts from their work!

A la prochaine!