Piper with golden wavy blonde hair that shines when light touches it,

Piper of piercing grey eyes like a thunder cloud but shine with happiness,

Piper whose well known for touching hearts of others and always being curious,

is a girl who's always daydreaming ,

walking gracefully over to the park,

stepping with a small skip in her step as she walks over to the swings ,

pushes herself gently onto the swings,

swings back an forth back an forth,

looking around she notices one of her best friends, Seth

Piper hops off the swing and walks towards Seth to greet him,

after talking for a while they decide to go in town,

admiring Seth in the afternoon sun making his green eyes shine,

because shes always secretly liked him,

Piper inside caring,

inside happy to help others,

inside longing for Seth,

is any other girl with a wish,

daydreaming as usual Piper gets lost in her thoughts and trips and almost hits the ground before Seth barley catches her before she hit the concrete,

blushing with embarrassment she thanks Seth and smiles,

smiling back Seth laughs his green eyes beaming,

continuing to walk Seth stops and says he has something to ask Piper,

speechless Piper manages to squeak yes and Seth asks her out.

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