Favorite Seasons

By: Hunter Gibson

The bright rays of light fill up the sky, kids splashing in the clear blue water. The bright green grass on the huge baseball field fills me with joy. The sparkling glow of colors strobes the night sky.

The delicious taste of sweet barbeque ribs and the juicy taste of the tender steak. The sugary vanilla taste of tea and lemonade makes me energetic. The cold creamy flavor of homemade ice cream makes me want more.

The relaxing feel of a warm breeze, sweat dripping down my face. My brain is turned off, it is blank. After play in the hot sun you want to go in a room with cold air.

The refreshing smell of just cut grass, followed by flower pollen. Smells like vanilla ice cream with sprinkles on top floating in the air when we play outside. Hot asphalt fills the air from the suns ray.

Bird chirping when the kids are screaming on the large roller coaster.Kids laughing and telling jokes while the hummingbirds are humming at the feeder. The kids are splashing in the cool pool water.

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