By:Hannah Howell ,Samel,  Jones

1.Panama has  mountains, beaches its kinda like paradise but its not like Britain or Canada its  much better than both of them.When you first arrive in Panama city you be so surprise .It has pretty lakes and houses and fast foods to go to or live at.That is a little about Panama  little country.

2.Panama is nice ,warm and sunny its so sunny u need sun glasses.You also can go to beaches when it is on warm days. You can go to there waterfalls and lakes to swim in and have fun. That is a little about Panama climate.

3.Panama has pretty hotels you can just chill float in the  pools and drink your drink and just chill out.

4. Panama eats rice, chicken,meat, beans, yucca, and seafood.

5.Panama sports are soccer, baseball,football,horseback,.hockey.

6. Panama fast foods are places just like us. Like PioPio, Mcdonalds , Kfc, and Wendy's.

7. Panama has old buildings, statutes of the kings and queens.

8.Panama has places like Monkey Island ,and Panama Old Town.

9.Panama has malls , stores just like us .

10.Panama if you travel to Panama carry sun glasses , shorts and nice warm clothes to wear.

11.These are some pics of Panama stuff.

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