An Open Letter to Founder Collective’s Future Director of Content & Community

First, please accept our apologies for the mass, cold letter. We know its old school and that you’ve got a lot of FB, Twitter, LI, and Medium posts to read. But, we ask that you read and, at least, consider the following opportunity.

Who are we?

Founder Collective strives to be the most aligned venture capital fund for founders at the seed stage. We’ve raised over $120M across two funds. The founding team is a group of experienced start-up founders, not career investors. In fact, half of the investing team are operating startups as we speak (er, read) - Caterina (Findery), Zach (DIY), Scott (Behance/Adobe) and Raj (BloomReach). We have well-known investments including Uber, Buzzfeed and Makerbot. We’ve also invested in equally cool companies like Harvest Automation (robots that work in agriculture), Contently (marketplace of writers) and SeatGeek (leading meta search for event tickets). We’re the first institutional money in nearly all the companies in which we invest. Despite the breadth of the portfolio, we maintain a small, close knit team with offices in Harvard Square, MA and Soho, NYC. The FC portfolio includes over 150 investments throughout the world, but the majority of investments are in Boston, NYC and the Bay Area.

The FC vibe can be described as a handful of empathy for what it takes to start a venture from scratch, a fist of strong-willed conviction, many doses of humility, and a pinch of chutzpah, determination and humor (2 tbsp). Like a startup, we’re constantly evolving and learning as we go.

If this all sounds interesting to you, here’s the type of person we want on our team:


You are innately curious about the world and thrive when you’re surrounded by other smart, determined people.

You LOVE taking points of view on topics and sharing them with the world.

But you’re open to being proven wrong.

You love to experiment and iterate.

You recognize the value of helping people by both interacting online and offline.

You want to be a part of companies that are solving problems and making the world better.

You study how content flows across channels and networks and want to be at the forefront of using these tools.

You want to work on helping the next generation of great companies learn from each other so that they can ultimately make a dent in the universe.


The Director of Content & Community will expand the fund’s activities and resources to serve our primary constituencies -- our portfolio of amazing companies and the broader tech ecosystem in which we operate. You’ll be able to tell the stories of our amazing portfolio of start-ups, what they’ve learned along the way and where they’ve stubbed their toes (hey, it happens). Most importantly, the Director of Content and Community will be a voice and resource for start-ups inside and outside the Founder Collective portfolio. And you’ll be your own voice, not just a nameless or corporate voice.

Your role is to strategize and execute for our portfolio and community engagement 2.0. We’ve got lots of ideas, but its up to you to set the vision and execute. You’re our partner in this.

Specific Roles & Responsibilities (because we have to):

  • Innovate on new tools to support portfolio companies - including content (written and video), events that allow founders to share learning, and online collaboration tools
  • Work with the investment team to produce community content about seed stage company development, capital raising and topical issues facing the tech industry
  • Create and amplify content through social media, online and offline channels
  • Manage Founder Collective’s social media channels
  • Assess needs of portfolio and innovate new knowledge products that can share best practices from within the portfolio and from the industry in general
  • Quality control all wine and beer flowing in and out of our Cambridge and Soho offices
  • Ok, the last one wasn’t *exactly* accurate
  • Identify opportunities for the fund and its portfolio to build its network of entrepreneurial mentors and collaborators
  • Foster communication between the GPs, Founder Partners and Portfolio
  • Deepen relationships with industry press for the fund and portfolio companies
  • Event coordination of a variety of regularly scheduled events in NYC, Boston and SF
  • Manage speaking and press opportunities for the fund team

The job can be based either in Cambridge or NYC.

BENEFITS (all the standard stuff + some extra goodies)

Competitive salary

Health benefits

Really smart, passionate, and fun colleagues - you’re a part of the team

Adjustable standing/sitting desks

If you’d like us to read your stuff, please send us links to your blog, your Twitter handle, your LinkedIn profile and your online you. Email it to

Founder Collective is an equal opportunity employer.

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