There are many choices we make in life that can affect our lives in great ways, good and bad. For example, smoking. It may make you feel good, so you do it. But really, it is greatly affecting your lungs and respiratory system in negative ways and can even lead to lung cancer. So even though some things make you feel good, they may not be good for you.

Another example of this is drinking alcohol, especially underage. You may feel great and feel as if all of your problems have momentarily disappeared, but really alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs. " https://www.edgarsnyder.com/drunk-driving/drunk-dr... " states that "2 out of 3 people will be involved in a drunk driving accident in their lifetime." When under the influence we make decisions we would most likely not make if we were sober. These decisions, while seemingly harmless in the time of being under the influence, can be life-threatening.

Alcohol related car accident

Yet another example are basic drugs themselves, including cocaine marijauna and meth. We make some of the same terrible decisions as we would make under the influence of alcohol as we do on drugs. Some of these drugs are even advertised as good for you.   "  http://www.crchealth.com/troubled-teenagers/teenag... " states that 25 percent of youth believe that methamphetamine will help them lose weight. Most drugs, especially meth, slowly deteriorate your body, rotting your teeth.

Human mouth on meth

Or many other negative side effects such as fatigue and nerve damage.

A final, but less serious, example is eating junk food. You may feel good when you eat it. Thats the point of junk food, to taste good and attract customers. And you may not realize it, but over time you gain eight from these fattening foods. Even young children can gain a significant amount of weight from these foods. And then obesity leads to many health problems. " http://www.cdc.gov/healthyyouth/obesity/facts.htm " states that obesity in young adults can lead to diabetes and other diseases.

slow progression of teen obesity

So these are only a few of the very bad choices we can make in life. We need to focus on what is important to us. Like sports, family, friends, and academics. These are the kinds of lifestyle choices that need to be focused on.