Internet Safety

                                                         By : Cheyenne E.

Do this quiz when you are do reading the top 10 internet safety rules and reading the paragraph .

Top 10 Safety Rules :

1)NEVER give out personal information to anyone

2) Be nice online and on social media .

3) Go to age appropriate sites to keep away from hackers and predators .

4)Do not enter private chat rooms .

5) Go to the right sites to avoid cyberbullying .

6)Go to age appropriate sites to avoid viruses .

7)Stay safe to avoid inappropriate images .

8)Do not go on social media and if you have social media set your page to private .

9) Make sure you are down loading legal music, games, and files .

10)NEVER open ads or emails to things you don't know what they are .

    Internet safety is a very important skill because it can save you from very harmful things on the internet . You should always be safe on the internet so you don't see harmful images or even videos . You can also get bullied on the internet it is called cyberbullying . A way to keep this from happening is don't go to private chat rooms, NEVER give out personal information, don't get social media and if you have social media set your page to where only your friends and family can see what you post . Also be nice on the internet . Never ever open ads or email to things you do not know what they are also go to age appropriate sites to avoid viruses, hackers, and bad images and videos . Make sure if you download legal music, games, and files . So if you want to know how to stay safe online and keep from being cyberbullied and to not cyberbully follow the simple easy to follow internet safety rules .  also if you ever see something inappropriate things tell a adult same with unkown emails and ads



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