Daniel Behan - Duke McDuff

Daniel Behan says that he always wanted a dog as a kid, but never did get one. He knows that you can never really make up for lost time, but he is trying to do that with Duke McDuff.

Duke McDuff, he says, might be the dog that he never had. He and his wife got the Duke as a puppy, when their kids were three and five years of age. "Just the right age for a dog," he says. The first few months were pretty rough as they struggled to get the big dog housebroken. But they finally passed that milestone, and Daniel Behan says that it has been great ever since.

Labs, he is learning, are intelligent dogs, and Duke is no exception. As a puppy he occasionally suffered from selective hearing, but not too often. Daniel Behan and his wife took the big dog to obedience

Officially, they got Duke McDuff for their two children. "The kids just love him to death," he says. But he adds that "the Duke," as he calls him, is the kind of dog that he always wanted when he was growing up back in Ohio. Owning a lab, Daniel Behan is learning, can be expensive. For starters, he has had to replace several pairs of his shoes because Duke got hold of them and chewed them to bits. But the dog also has an enormous appetite, and he has had a number of trips to the vet for vaccinations and medicine for worming and heart-worm.

But the joys of dog ownership far outweigh any expenses, he says. After all, he is the dog Daniel Behan always wanted, and his kids want him, too.

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