Romeo and Juliet

~ One of Shakespeare's most popular plays. A story of star-crossed lovers who can't be together due to a feud between both of their families. They go against their parents rules and secretly marry one another. Romeo and Juliet marriage is the cause of many deaths, and risks during the play. All the sacrifice they took turned out being worthless, because both of the lovers commit suicide.

Act I, scene V


"Fetch me me my rapier, boy. What, dares  the slave Come hither, covered with antic face..."

~ Tybalt is being loyal to the Capulet name.

Act II, scene VI


"Then hie you hence to Friar Laurence' cell; There stays a husband to make you a wife."

~The nurse is being loyal to Juliet my supporting her even though she could get in trouble with the Lord and Lady Capulet.

Act III, scene II

"Will you speak well of him that kill'd your cousin?"

"Shall I speak ill of him that is my husband?..."

~ Juliet is being loyal to her husband by taking his side and not hating him for killing her cousin.

Act III, scene V


"We will have vengeance for it, fear it thou not."

~ Lady Capulet is being loyal to her dead nephew by swearing to have vengeance for him.

Act IV, scene I


"... And if thou darest, I'll give thee remedy."


"O, bid me leap rather than marry Paris..."

~Juliet is being loyal to Romeo, by accepting the remedy that the Friar gives to her so that she can continue being the wife of Romeo.


CONNECTION: Just like Romeo and Juliet, Pocahontas and John Smith are different which doesn't allow them to be together. Pocahontas chooses John Smith even though her dad does not approve or like the white men. Pocahontas stays loyal to her tribe by staying with her father, while John Smith stays loyal to the white men by going back to England.


CONNECTION: Dora and Boots show the loyalty of Mercutio and Romeo. Boots always stays by Dora's side and Mercutio always stayed by Romeo's side. Dora and Boots go on life threatening missions together. Mercutio and Romeo had a life threatening/death causing "mission" together.