Keep Your Head (and your files) in The Clouds!

So Many Choices!

Let's just look at the big 3:

One Drive
(unlimited storage)

sign into outlook with your school credentials:

at the left of the header, locate the white grid and click

Check out the options you have, that you may not have known about!

Lots of choices!
For the purpose of this training, we will be discussion storage in the one drive only.
(We will leave OneNote and Class Notebook for a WHOLE other training)

Click on the box labeled One Drive.

Your One Drive folder will be empty if you haven't used it yet, but should look something like this:

Creating within One Drive

Click around for a few minutes and get the feel of the One Drive

Once the One Drive is Open, creating within the one drive is easy!

Click on the + button and chose what you want to create

One Drive automatically saves your document file as you work.

To keep your One Drive organized, create folders

Want to share your file with another One Drive User?

Uploading documents to One Drive

To upload a document from your computer to the OneDrive, select the upload button shown above.

Locate and select the file on your computer


Once uploaded, you may move it to a file to keep your One Drive Organized.

(2 gb free; unlimited storage is $15 per month)

Go to and sign up for your free account

Download the app to your desktop and mobile devices

Your main options are located to the left of the search box
- upload a document
- create a file to organize storage
- create/share a folder

Share an existing folder

Option to change permissions to a shared file


You cannot create within the dropbox
Very small storage space with free account
Cannot edit within dropbox without downloading the file

Google Drive
(15 gb free, 1 tb $9.99 a/month)

Already have a gmail, youtube, or google+ account?  You've already got Google Drive

Right on the google search page.... sign in
(Could they make it any easier?)

once signed in to Google, click on the grid to the right of your name (notice how simple it is to check your email from the Google search page?)

Open Drive

Create a new file or document inside Google Drive

Upload existing files or documents from your computer

Once you have created the n

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