John Lennon

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's  8th grade Language Arts Class
By Sidney T.

John Lennon was born October 9th 1940 in Liverpool England and died on December 8th 1980 in New York City.  

Significant events in history that affected the life of John Lennon

  • World War 2
  • The Vietnam War
  • The Cold War
  • The death of John F. Kennedy
  • The Great Depression

John Lennons childhood

John Lennon lived in Liverpool England for all of his child life. His father left his family when he was only a baby so he lived with his mother and his Aunt Mimi. He grew up going to private schools all his life. on july 6, 1957 he met Paul Mccatrney, Which was the day the Beatles were formed.

Unique facts about John Lennon

  • John started singing as a choir boy at St. Peters Church.
  • The first instrument he learned to play was the harmonica.
  • The location of his cremated remains is actually unknown.
  • He found sleeping in a coffin more comfortable than a bed.
  • Suprisingly he hated hated his own voice.

People who influenced John Lennon

John Lennon has several people who influenced his life. The most influential person in his life was his Aunt Mimi. Shes the one who raised him fro some of his life and quite possibly the family member he had the best relationship with. Other major people in his life were all of the members of the Beatles. Without them his life would have not been what it was.  

Major acomplishments of John Lennon

  • He was inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Just him forming the Beatles is an accomplishment itself.
  • He won an Oscar in 1971.
  • In 1988 he got a star on the Walk of Fame.
  • He won a Grammy in 1971 and another in 1997.

The theme of the life of John Lennons life was...

John Lennon was a very inspirational, peace hungry person that changed the world. I think his life has several themes. One of those being to awlays be yourself and don't be afraid to be. Another theme I think Lennon showed was to be a bringer of peace, not war. I think these two themes showed in every aspect of his life, from his music to his art.

Words of advce and what i've learned

"It was like being in the eye of a hurrcane, you'd wake up in the middle of a concert and think, how did i get here?" (pg 93)

"Nobody controls me, Im uncontrollable. The only thing that controls me is me. And thats just barely possible." (pg 165)

"Whats talent? I don't you. Are you born with it? Do you discover it later on?... Its a load of crap that i discovered talent, I just did it." (pg 201)

His words of advice make you think, whenever I read them I feel like there teaching me to be careful what you wish for. Or think before you say things.

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