World War I Photo Essay

A Serbian Nationalist had triggered World War I, set off the powder keg that began everything and opened all tensions between every country. He had assassinated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria - Hungary. This caused for Austria - Hungary to declare war on Serbia, and since Germany is allied with Austria - Hungary, Russia declared war on Germany.

Cause of the war


World war 1 - Technology

American troops have designed and created an acoustic located which is mounted on a wheeled platform. Its large horns amplify any sound which can be heard through headphones. This allowed them to hear a distant aircraft that could be an enemy to them. They did this so that they could alert their people and their troops of possible incoming enemies and be ahead of the enemy before they even reach the Americans.


world war 1 - weaponry

Bombs were dropped from air crafts to cause destruction upon one's enemy without having to be below and risking one's life. This allowed for a "surprise" attack because the victim country or territory would not know about what was happening until after the bomb or gas was dropped.


Soldier Life

A soldier in an Austrian prison camp was wounded and had tuberculosis because of how unhealthy the trenches were. The trenches were used as a defense/protective system for the soldiers, yet in return most soldiers died because of diseases.


This soldier had over half of his face mutilated from the war and had to have a metal mask made to fit his face to cover up the injury. The troops in the war had lost respect for each other and did not care who they hurt and how.


Civilian Life

Many women were either forced or volunteered to be in the American Red Cross program to help out soldiers in dire need of help and medical treatment because they felt that was the only way they could give back and show their strength.


German troops were capturing civilians and deporting them to campsites. They did this in process of taking control over countries 1 by 1, but there were 2 groups trying to take control over Finland "Whites" and the "Reds". The Whites took the upper hand, and only with the help of thousands of German soldiers. Civilians had no say in anything that happened and they were almost an object in the war because they could not do anything to help themselves, but follow instructions. The soldiers did not care and disregarded how they treated people that were not theirs.  


Impact of the war

Belgium after the war was a country fallen victim to mass destruction. The entire country was torn to shreds, and so was the rest of the world that was either in the way of the countries fighting or were the countries fighting. From tanks, to airplanes and guns to bombs, everything was ruined and Germany was forced to take full responsibility for the damages.