Website Questions

Why do you feel that some websites are good?

     I feel that some websites are good for obvious reasons. Some websites help us communicate faster such as Facebook. Other websites help us do research or just find simple information. In other words I feel some websites and good because they inform us and help us communicate with other people.

Why do you feel that some websites are not so good?

    I feel some websites aren't not so good due to the fact that they are pointless. Some websites don't do anything they don't inform, entertain, communicate, or educate in any way. These kind of websites are 100% useless what so ever.

Do others agree with your opinion?

    I believe other people would agree with me since they probably also experienced the pros and cons of different kind of websites. Many people agree that websites like Facebook and ElPasoTimes can be very helpful on a daily bases. But I'm also sure many people think that websites like are completely pointless and useless.

Does anyone disagree?

   I'm sure some people would disagree with my opinions. Everyone has different perspectives on different opinions. Some people might think facebook is nothing, but a waste of time due to the fact that the youth spends so much time on social media talking about nothing. Or some people may also think we shouldn't use websites to find information; we should use the library and use the books.

Who is the target audience for a particular site?

One of the most popular site i know is Facebook. Facebook a social media website that is mostly about messaging and blogging. Its target audience is for all ages and mostly focuses on the youth. Because usually only teenagers and young adults are the ones who are most connected to the internet.

How might website quality be judged differently across different audiences?

Professional websites are meant to inform you not to entertain you. Therefore there not as colorful and has a target audience for adults. On the other hand gaming websites are a lot of more colorful. Since the target audience for gaming websites are mostly for kids.

Are there some qualities of websites that all audiences would agree are good? What are these qualities?

Some qualities that all websites have is that they have to be organized so it could be user friendly. By organized I mean they have a home page with a menu and possible a search option. If the website isn't organized the user would get lost and most likely wouldn't like the website.

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