Weathermen Underground

In the late 1960s there was significant social and political unrest in the United States. Opposition mounted against the war in Vietnam, and there was growing frustration over the lack of progress on the issue of racism. Many protest groups developed, but one of the most radical was the Weathermen, whose objectives included not only an immediate end to the war in southeast Asia and to all racism, but to economic exploitation and sexism as well.

1) Does your group believe that the Weathermen's decision to use force was acceptable and justifiable? Were they terrorists or revolutionaries? Terrorist, and it was not acceptable or justifiable to do this because they bombed some of the government building including the pentagon.

2) Was how the force was used acceptable? No because they bombed some of the government building like the pentagon, and various headquarters.

3) What is your view of the response of the state to the Weathermen's use of force? They responded in the right and peaceful way.