The Roman Empire

Political: had social statues based on wealth and landownership. Had political privilege. Was a republic, not a democracy. Had assemblies only men could join. Wealthy votes counted for more. Had a senate.

Interaction with environment: drained a swamp to help build Rome. Used aqueducts which used gravity to move water. Used the Mediterranean for trade and supplies movement.

Economy: farming was a large part of the economy. Was a large center of wealth. Used slaves for work. Used the Mediterranean to ship things

Military: expanded and conquered many places. People say their society encouraged war. All men who owned a certain amount of land participated in military service. Had armor, shields and weapons. Had very flexible battle lines. We're noted for their training and did ducal pen

Artistic: created many large buildings like the colosseum. Created many sculptures.

Social: Had two main classes, the patricians and the plebeians. Family was the basic unit. Had slaves. Women had little rights. Gave citizenship to conquered people.

Technology: created aqueducts, concrete, and roads across the empire.

Education: used to be taught in home by parents. Then was taught in schools which mainly only wealthy boys went to.

Religion:we're polytheist. Had many gods who watched over them. Gave small gifts to the gods. Took over Greek gods.

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