Ancient Egyptians

by,Mckenna crabtree


Ancient egyptians split the area and named it black land and red land.The black land was the wet and rich soil next to the nile river.The red land was the desert that protected two sides of egypt.The red land was a barren.It protected them from other invading armies ready to fight or steel.Egyptians had a great amount of metal.Some of the land was very bumpy and others so flat.The nile was the best food source yet it provided them with crops and other important plants.

Stable food suply

The ancient egyptians lived by the nile river because the rest of the land was way to dry to grow any crops.They moved to the to the nile because it is a great food source for the crops to grow in.They grew crops like wheat, barley, peas, tomatoes, bread, onions, and more.They also grew fruits like melons, grapes, dates , figs and more fruits.They also had pomegranates.Almost all of the egyptians are farmers.The farmers do have animals like chickens and geese and other farm animals.They got oxen to pull there plows.The juice of a fig is used to be a drink in ancient egypt.They did not eat pita because they thought it had a disses called leprosy.

social strucrture

The ancient Egyptians social structure is like a pyramid.It went like this...

the top of the pyramid is the pharaoh. Then there was the government officials-noble priests.Next are the soldiers.Next are the scribes the the merchants then artisans,farmers and last of all is the slaves and servants.To make their parymids they used tombs of dead pharoahs to make it have its wierd looking shape.


Egyptians saw death as a progress to a better life.they thought they could only reach your full potential after life.When a people died they would mummified them and put them in a fancy tomb.they thought that pharos needed valuables and people to go to the after life.

system of goverment

the system of government went like this

the arts

egyptians like to paint.they painted pictures of there greatest achivements.egyptians would take the organs of dead people to get ready for burial.they would weigh the heart to see if it is heave if it is the would let the gods eat it. if the heart was light they could keep it.they are very skilled at making things.

advances in tecnoligy

the pyramid is made up of special buildings. most of them are made up of burial tombs.pottery is a brand new thing for ancient egyptians they were made of burial tombs.

written language

the ancient egyptians wrote in hieroglyphics and they made it so they had an easier way to spread words about things some important.they got the names from geek language.they represent the feelings and emotions of the pictures.

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