Elizabeth (Beth) Walton
566 Biography

Life in Pictures

I've added a few pictures that provide a glimpse of my life.  I have been married to my best friend for almost 11 years.  We have two sweet boys and live in the country where the oldest thrives on mud, dirt, family, and country air.  I'm sure the youngest will follow in brother's footsteps as soon as he can walk.  

I am also a Family and Consumer Science teacher and I love my job.  In the high school where I teach, we've been 1:1 with MacBooks for four years.  I love teaching with technology.  It has opened so many more doors for myself and students, but it can also be overwhelming from an ID standpoint.  One of the pictures depicts a portion of a project students created for The Odyssey unit using Snapchat's drawing feature.  

I also am one of three Sunshine club sponsors.  It is a Christian service organization for high school girls.   We also partner with the boys organization Hi-Y for almost all of our meetings and events.  One of the services Sunshine helps with is our school food pantry that is pictured above.   Last picture, I strive to let all of my students know they are important and valued.  

I came to be a FACS teacher in an unusual way.  I originally went to the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville and earned a Bachelor's Degree in elementary education.  However,  when I moved home the ratio for just one elementary opening was 300:1.  I worked as an after school and summer program coordinator for three years.  Then it was suggested that I apply for an open FACS position and I fell in love with the career.

FACS Information

Favorite Media

Just two? Limiting to two media picks is difficult for me.  With the first I will cheat a little and say Google Apps for Education.  I love logging into my Google Account and being able to access so many tools anywhere anytime of day/night.   I also love Pinterest.  A light bulb moment went on when our school district had a speaker that talked about curating curriculum.  Pinterest is my go to spot to connect with other FACS teachers, educators, technology specialists and related fields/information.  I store and organize potential tools, techniques, information, resources, and content on my Pinterest boards to be later moved or used in our school's LMS.

Hobbies I Aspired To Do
After December Graduation

I enjoy going to flea markets and sales with my husband and friends.  I like to find good deals on old items and repurpose them into something different. (see link above)

I would love to sew more and learn how to sew more things.

I love being outside (except not too much during winter) and I look forward to doing projects outdoors with my family.

Background Song

I fell in love with this song shortly after my first babe was born.  It reminds me to keep things in perspective as I juggle all of the roles of Mother, Teacher, Grad Student etc.