Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle - Work/Life Balance

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle is constantly engaged in high-powered business deals as a successful business broker. The fast pace and highly competitive nature of the industry can bring a lot of stress to the job. Jeff is often times involved with helping to sell multi-million dollar companies. These highly stressful situations can cause even the most laid back individual to feel the pressure.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle has found that by simply not taking himself too seriously, he is able to reduce the amount of stress he suffers from, if not being able to eliminate it completely. Jeff knows that the best way a business broker can deal with the stress that comes with the job is to make sure to keep a healthy balance between his personal and professional lives.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle is great at keeping a balanced life and as such believes he is more than capable of dealing with even the most cantankerous personalities and is great at working through issues that may slow down or completely stop a deal from being finalized. For Jeff, the most difficult part of brokering a deal is getting both parties to trust not only each other, but him as well. To be successful, while keeping the stress levels down, Jeff must come into the deal prepared and ready to help the parties see how they can each benefit from the deal. It is his job as the broker to help both parties get comfortable with the deal and bring them together as partners.