Child Protective Services

What does a person do in this career ?

The CPS program investigates assumptions of child abuse and neglect by parents or other family or household members. These services may help them solve their problems and learn how to care for and discipline their children in ways that do not harm them or put them at risk of abuse or neglect. These services may include counseling, day care, homemaker services, evaluation, treatment, and parenting classes.

Required Skills.

The ability to evaluate a complex problem and work through different possible solutions is an important skill for social workers.

Educational Requirements.

You must have a bachelors degree and maybe consider a masters degree. It would take about 6 years to become a social worker.

Salary Expectations

With an average salary of $46,060 per year, child and family social workers earn slightly more than mental health counselors ($43,700) and substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors ($41,090). However, they earn less than other professionals.


  • 15 vacation days
  • 11 paid holidays
  • 10 available sick days
  • Excellent promotional opportunities
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Transit Benefits
  • Legal Service

Why did I pick this career ?

I picked this job because , as a child cps came after me a lot. Well after my parents I should say. They where under false assumption though. My Life is perfectly fine. But I Want to be one that doesn't have the facts wrong. I really want to help those neglected kids.

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