Lauren's Fresh Produce

Homegrown Tomatoes and Watermelons

Business by: Lauren Mathews

Opening Day: April 29th

Tomatoes and Watermelons?

I know it seems like a weird combination but tomatoes and watermelons are two of my favorites. They remind me of summer fun and the fresh outdoors. It makes me happy to share my fresh produce with others!

Number of watermelons=x         Number of tomatoes=y

Costs to Produce:

It will cost me a quarter for a watermelon and a quarter for a bundle of 4 tomatoes.


Selling Price:

2x+1.50y=Total Sell Price




A 1 pound bad of watermelon seeds is $35.96 and a 1 pound bag of tomato seeds is $19.76. So together my cost for seeds is $55.72


I only have room for 50 watermelon plants and 100 tomato plants.

x<or=50       y<or=100


Maximizing Profit:

I need to sell 50 watermelons and 100 tomatoes to make the most profit which would be $212.50

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