Eleanor Roosevelt
October 11, 1889-November 7, 1962
By: Al3x Racobaldo and Ryan Sutton

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Eleanor Roosevelt died in her sleep from tuberculosis on November 7 , 1962. She was a good 78 yrs old when she passed away. Her life was good but hard. From the day she where born she was often called the "ugly duckling" and homely. Her parents wanted a boy but got a girl. When she was only eight Eleanor's mother, Brother and father died within 18 months of each other. Ten years later she fell in love with Franklin Roosevelt.  She was finally not alone and was loved again.  In 1917  WWI. this meant that she had a another thing to stress about.  A few years later her husband Frank became the President of the U.S. After that in a few years he died on April 12, 1945.  but just before that WWII had happened.  But sadly she finally died on November 7, 1962.