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Hurst Boiler Sales

Hurst Boiler manufacturers a complete line of firetube, firebox, vertical tubeless and heat recovery boilers. If you are looking for a high-pressure boiler or a low-pressure boiler, please look through the Hurst product information and contact us with any questions.

  • Boilers from 6hp to 1,800hp in both high pressure boiler and low pressure boiler designs.
  • Steam and Hot Water for commercial and industrial applications


Hurst Boiler EURO Series

3-PASS FIRETUBE DESIGN - Wetback Construction - 100 - 2000 BHP Stress Relieving “Wetback” Construction for Extra-Long Life. Steam 15-300 PSI.

  • Boiler is of the three-pass, scotch type, built and stamped in accordance with the requirements of the ASME Code, and listed by the National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.
  • Large combustion chamber with low heat release for complete combustion.
  • Smoke box is rear-mounted with slip-on stack connector.
  • Access to fireside is accomplished with hinged and davited front and rear doors. Flame observation ports are located on front and rear.
  • Openings for vessel cleanout and inspection of waterside are provided with 3” x 4” hand holes, and 12” x 16” manway access.
  • Insulated with 2” high density mineral wool, lagged with 22 gage grip jacketing, baked on finish to resist chipping and fading.
  • Firetubes are rolled and beaded on power boilers, expanded and flared on low pressure boilers.
  • Supports include lifting lugs securely welded to the top of shell; structural steel support legs on skids support the boiler so that special foundations are not required.
  • Wet Back Design Eliminates Refractory Rear Door & Baffles Between Flue Gas Passes.

Hurst Boiler 100 Series

LOW PRESSURE FIREBOX DESIGN. Three Pass Firebox Packaged Boilers. Capacities from 7.4 to 650 BHP. 248 to 21759 MBTU/HR.

Hurst Boiler 300 Series

THREE PASS DRY BACK DESIGN, Steam and Hot Water, Package Scotch Boilers - 15 to 800 HP, 15 to 300# steam, 30 to 160# hot water. Also available in two pass design. Available with Low Nox.

  • Three Pass Design
  • 81% Minimum Efficiency
  • Davited Rear Door
  • Low Maintenance
  • 5 sq. ft. Heating Surface/HP
  • Large Combustion Chamber with low heat release for complete combustion
  • Rear Smoke Box includes slip-on stack connector and features hinged and davited rear door (40 HP & Larger) with 16" dia. access door with 2" observation port (80 Hp & larger).

Hurst Boiler 400 Series

THREE PASS WET BACK DESIGN, 30 to 1,800 HP, 15 to 300# steam, 30 to 160# hot water.

Hurst Boiler 500 Series

FOUR PASS WET BACK PACKAGED SCOTCH DESIG, Available in Steam or hot water versions 100 to 1,500 HP pressure to 250 psig.

Hurst 4VT Cyclone Hot Water Series

Hot Water Boilers - 6 to 100 HP, Hot Water 30-160 PSI Four Pass Vertical Tubeless Design.

  • Compact space saving vertical design
  • Shock Proof, no tubes to loosen
  • Convenient access to "Eye High" burner
  • Solid State controls for trouble free operation
  • Factory assembled and fully automatic
  • UL and ASME CSD - 1
  • Simple and inexpensive to install
  • Low Water Pressure Drips
  • Standard Design pressure of 30 PSI optional
  • to 160 PSI, 250 Degrees F
  • Hurst Boiler CYCLONE Series

FOUR PASS VERTICAL TUBELESS DESIGN, 6 to 100 HP, 15 to 300# steam, 30 to 160# hot water.

Hurst Boiler LPE Series

  • Modified Three Pass Scotch Design 20 to 100 HP, 670 to 3,348 MBTU/HR, 15# steam or 30# hot water. Through the door design. Also available with Low Nox.
  • Modified Scotch Design to fit through a standard 36" x 80" door opening.
  • Most heavily designed and built boiler in its class
  • Welded Steel Firetube boiler, the LPE has extra-heavy 12-guage tubes for extended life. All tubes are attached to the tube sheets by rolling and flaring. There are no welded tubes in the LPE.
  • Thickest Materials used in the industry ... Boiler Shell is 5/16" thick boiler plate 20-40 HP. Twin boiler tube sheets are 1/2" thick boiler plate. Insulation is 2" mineral wool and is lagged with 22 gauge boiler jacket. Extra heavy 4" channel iron boiler skids.

Hurst Boiler 45 Series

  • LOW PRESSURE FIREBOX DESIGN. Three Pass Firebox Packaged Boilers. Capacities from 8.5 to 813 BHP. 285 to 27215 MBTU/HR. Thickest boiler steel in the industry.
  • Efficient 3-Pass Design
  • Flexibility - Gas, Oil, Heavy Oil, and Combination Gas/Oil
  • ASME Code Constructed & Stamped fro 15 PSI Steam30 Water
  • Registered with the National Board of Boiler Inspectors
  • Large Furnace Volume for Ultimate Combustion Efficiency
  • Unified Refractory Base Floor
  • Steel Skids and Lifting Eyes
  • Low Heat Release Design
  • Factory Insulated - 2" Mineral Wool
  • Factory Jacketed and Painted
  • Easy Access to Fireside
  • Ample Waterside Cleanout Openings
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • U.L. Listed Controls & Trim
  • Factory Test Fired
  • Front & Rear Flame Observation Ports


Available in Steam or Hot Water, Multi-Pass Dry Back Design 30 to 1,800 HP, 15 to 400 PSI Steam, Solid fuel stoker burns the full spectrum of waste products from all forest related industries. Turn-Key Systems include environmental protection agency equipment and solid fuel handling equipment.


.005 PACKAGED DEAERATOR SYSTEMS, 5,000 to 200,000 PPH. Conditions feedwater to 0% C02 and .005cc/liter of oxygen