Fourth Quarter ScrapESbook


For my fourth quarter scrapesbook experience, I decided to use the time we planted the tree. I thought it was fun to have the people come out and share with us the information the had on the trees. We talked about different types of trees and how to take care of them. They also told us about projects that they are and have worked on and all the great things that they accomplished and continue to strive for. Then we went outside and actually got to help plant a tree on Marist's property. I liked that part the most because now when I come to visit Marist throughout the next few years, I will get to see the tree and how much it has grown knowing that I was apart of its birth on this property. I had done this previously at my grammar school where I still pass by it today and see the tree and can remember back when I helped put that tree into the ground.

How not to rebuild Nepal.

"How not to rebuild Nepal." People's Review [Kathmandu, Nepal] 13 May 2015. Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources. Web. 12 May 2015.

This article begins by introducing Nixon Boumba, who works as an in-country consultant there to American Jewish World Service, an international aid, and human rights organization. He says that just like everyone else, he witnessed the devastation from the Nepal earthquake. He continues by stating that they will begin to rebuild, but will face many challenges similar to what Haiti had faced. Soon the people of Nepal, with the help of international donors, will begin the rebuilding process. He hopes, however, that they will be able to avoid the grave mistakes made by Haitians and by the well-intentioned donors who came to their aid. He then proceeds to give 5 tips that the people rebuilding Nepal should follow. 1. Listen to local people. 2. Put money in the hands of local people. 3. Reach the most vulnerable people. 4. Invest in infrastructure now to prevent larger disasters in the future. 5. Aid must be coordinated, efficient and transparent. He concludes by wishing the people of Nepal good luck.

I thought that this article was very interesting because I did not know much about the earthquake in Nepal and I hoped that this article could further my knowledge in the situation. When I first heard of this disaster on the news, it immediately reminded me of Haiti a few years back and the huge disaster and cleanup that had to take place. And just like after Haiti's earthquake, they are trying to get as many donations to help them rebuild their lives. I did not even think about where the money goes and who physically receives it, but this article brought that situation to my attention along with a couple others. I always believed that the money was not being misused and that it was being used solely to rebuild, but maybe it wasn't and maybe it could happen again in Nepal. I also believe that the people should have a say in what is rebuilt and in what order.

After explosion at nuclear plant, concerns of environmental damage.

"After explosion at nuclear plant, concerns of environmental damage." CNN Wire 10 May 2015. Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources. Web. 12 May 2015.

This article explains a day after a transformer fire at New York's Indian Point nuclear plant sent thick, black smoke billowing over the facility, Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned of the new threat to the area, gallons of oil spilling into the Hudson River. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation was on scene in Buchanan, New York, at the site of the fire and on the river Saturday night into Sunday, monitoring what Commissioner Joseph Martens called an oil sheen of up to 300 feet in diameter. The transformer that failed ruptured during the fire, leaking oil onto the ground, Cuomo said. The oil was first caught in a holding tank but spilled over into a Hudson-bound drainage system after reaching capacity. The fire broke out on the non-nuclear side of the plant, about 200 yards away from the reactor building. No one was injured in the blaze, though the wildlife surrounding the plant was completely wiped out. Further investigations will take place.

I chose this article solely because this is one of my biggest fears. Not that a nuclear power plant will explode near me, but just nuclear explosions in general. If there was one thing that I could rid the world of it would probably be anything nuclear. People do not realize how dangerous that stuff is. I know that nuclear explosions are rare because of the abundance of nuclear power plants, but with their popularity and importance, we could be seeing these poping up more and more making them a bigger threat. I was also shocked because the event that was explained in the article was not even made known to me before I had read this article. I believe that this is a big enough event and threat that it should have made more headlines. These things do not happen often and when they do, they are very lethal. I hope that the clean up goes smoothly and all the threats are dispersed. I also hope that people pay a little more attention to the nuclear threats that are around us and attempt to dispose of them.