I value food

Food keeps me alive

The taste is wonderful

I value family

Jk I don't like them I only value my sisters

Me and ma sis wen we bored

Never got a chance 2 take a pic with the 3rd 1

I value my winter guard

I value those moments I can look back on and laugh at

I wanted to cry when I found this on Google
Me and ma sis wen we bored
I know those heels were killing him
Never again will I let those crazy bitches do my hair

I value life!

And this is my life

#tbt lol cute or naah? 🙈

I value what nature has to offer

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3 years ago

Great work, Bianka! I love your video! You did a wonderful job! In the future, be thinking about providing detailed explanations of why you value each item. Good job!