The 6 Amazing Traits Of Writing

By: Nayfa Isbeih

Writing is something we should do everyday to improve our vocabulary skills and our writing skills


The Idea is like this picture which shows

                    The message or theme.

                    Such as Detail-Specific images,that show and tell the idea.


Just like this picture,organization is a structure.

You could use Compare & Contrast,Or maybe even time sequence.As Long as it engages the reader with an opening and closing paragraph


Voice is just audience.It usually shows the individual expression or the writers attitude on the subject.A writers fingerprint on a page , represents a certain image.Or it might expand or clarify ideas!

Sentence Fluency

Sentence Fluency is the rhythm and usaully the flow of the language


Conventions are the basics of writing.Such as grammar,spelling,and punctuation.

Word Choice

Word choice is the precise,colorful language that moves and enlightens the reader.You must create a certain image.Also clarify and expand on idea's

Ice Cream?

Watch these magnificent teachers teach their students about the 6 traits of writing using ice cream.

Those are the Amazing 6 traits of writing.

By : N.Isbeih

Thanks for your time

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