World War ||: Lithuania


Lina, a fifteen-year-old who couldn't wait to start art school. Thinking ahead of her future to become an artist. But when the Soviets invaded her country in Kaunas, Lithuania in 1941, her future was unpredictable as she struggles to survive.

As it turned out to they weren’t the only to survive. In 1939 when Germany invaded Poland is when "World War 2" stated. British and France was furious and declared war on Germany.  Russia and Japan also joined the war and sided with Germany. The leader of this horrible curse is Adolf Hitler, a dictator. He has also invaded most of Europe, including Lithuania.

Germany  v.s  United States

Lina's  father was separated her mother and her younger brother, were forced into cattle cars as they try to survive. But as more people died  and is thrown out of the cattle cars the more they're  uncertain of how they're going to survive. When they soon find out that their destination was in Biysk, Siberia. There they stayed in labor camps to work for the Soviets. But they weren't the only one's, who were forced into labor camps or prison camps.

When the Nazis and Soviets  invaded a country they took the people as slaves and put them to work in prison camps. They torture them, kill them, and make them work all day. The Nazis were mainly after Jews and educated people. But they weren't the only ones who decided to join the war. Japan sided with Germany and Russia because of that they attacked  Pearl  Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. The next day President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on the Japanese and entered WW2. British, France, and the United States as  well as other country were against the Nazis, Solvets, and Japan.

The End of  WW2

Lina and her family were still in the prison camps when they discovered, they were going to be moved to the arctic circle (North Pole). This time they were prepared to leave, and gathered their things. When the Nazis can and load them up in the trucks to their destination.As they head out to the (north pole) people started dying from the cold including their mother. But what kept her hope alive is that one day they will go home.

It was a hard to defeat the Nazis and the Japanese but luckily the Soviets switch sides and to the United States. As for the Japanese they learn the hard way and faced consequence. In the United States science have created a nuclear bomb which was considered the most dangerous bomb in the world. They used it in Japan twice and finally the Japanese government surrendered. As for the Nazis, Hitler died and the four countries surrounded the Nazis and they surrendered on May 7, 1945.


1. When did ww2 started?

2. Which countrys were mainly at war?

3. Why did the United States entered the war?

4. Why did the Japanese surrendered to the U.S.?

5. When did the Nazis surrendered?


Soviets- Often, Soviets. A governing official or person living in the Soviet Union:

Cattle cars- a railroad passenger car providing little comfort and fewamenities.

Nuclear bomb- a bomb whose force is due to uncontrolled nuclear fusion or nuclearfission

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