Design Elements

The buildings show the key point of the dark sky
The empire state building shows a vertical line
This structured building show curved lines.
The walls in the foyer are painted into horizontal lines
The bathroom not only show diagonal lines but also vertical lines in the reflection of the sink ad mirror.
The bright, vibrant, streets of Amsterdam represent color
The painting of a Diet Coke shows value through dimensions
This pastry is in the shape of a rose
Christ the Redeemer represents form through its 3D figure
The open space of a coffee shop

Shells on the beach represent texture.

Principles of Design

The twin towers that once stood in New York show visual balance.
The photograph places emphasis on the fire and shows minor detail to the person around it
The London Eye stands out more than anything else in the picture due to its large stature, in contrast to everything else.
The repeated light blue, dark blue, orange, yellow,white pattern shows rhythm
People are proportioned because the size of the head matches the body
The curved landscape shows unity throughout the fields. It also represents a lush color

The small figure of the car, and low use of heavy metal material shows that less is more for the economy

The yin and yang symbol represents peace and balance throughout life

Vocabulary Words

Emoji's represent words such as happy, sad, laughing making it a pcitograph
The inside workings of the Iphone show represents reverse by analyzing how it is created
There are a different variety of designs that can be created in a latte.
The beautiful lush green landscape shows and aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye.

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