Jacqueline Martinez

Details Project-Reynolds-2nd Period

Winslow Homer

Winslow Homer is an american artist born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1836. Homer was very close to his mother who was a talented water colorist. In 1857, Homer took a job as a freelance illustrator, which he continued  be for 20 years. His illustrations were mostly about rural New England and Boston life.  In 1867 he moved to Paris and began oil painting. Homer died in 1910 in his Prouts Neck studio at the age of 74

Girl Reading Under An Oak Tree

Not much is know of this painting, but it was very common for Winslow Homer to do landscape paintings. Contrary to most of his sea life painting this one is in the woods and it is one of his least famous oil paintings.

Philip Larkin is an English poet, novelist and librarian. Larkin was born August 9 1929 in Coventry, England. Although Larkin had a rough start at school he got in to Oxford University and went on to study English. Larkin was a librarian for the majority of his life, during that time he wrote novels, essays and poems. Larkin never felt he was a writer of poems in any meaningful sense so he refused to accept the Poet Laureate. On December 2 1985 Larkin died of cancer at the age of 63.  

The poem "Here" by Philip Larkin is written a couple of years after he moves to a city called Hull, it is apparently a nice place where nobody goes unless they have business there because it is not on the way to anywhere else. To Larkin, Hull was his "Here". The first stanza is describing the trip to Hull coming from the west. The poem also describes things  which are particular to the town of Hull.

The connection between the poem and the painting is that  like in "Here", the person in the painting is at peace in a place surrounded by nature. "Here" is a lot about nature and about finding a place where you can be calm and where you belong. I think that the scenery in the painting is where the girl reading belongs.

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