Red Kayak

by Mahak,Jailynne,rubinder

summary of novel

Brady has a  great life with his friends,and family in Chesapeake bay.But some new rich family moves in there the DiAngelos.They have one little boy and his name was Ben.The DiAngelos bought the land that Brady,J.t,and Digger used to play at when they were little kids.Digger hated  the DiAngelos because he bought that piece of land.Tragedy strikes to the Diangelos when there young child Ben sinks in the river Brady pulls him out and takes Ben to the ambulance but he was not able to survive.Brady was helping Mrs.DiAngelo with something and found the drill his dad lost and it was the exact same color as the kayak.Brady figures out everything and thinks if he should tell the truth or not if he does than it will change everyone's life.

About the author

Priscilla Cummings is woman and she is 63 years old  who is born in Ludlow MA.she was the middle child out of three kids.She lived in a farm.When Priscilla was a little girl one of her most favorite things was reading and writing books.When she was a 10 in the summer she wrote her first chapter book.Now as  she got older she writes amazing books for example she wrote Face first,Saving grace,Red kayak,and the journe.y back

About the settings

Cheaspake bay is in the Usa.Chesapake bay is the area were Brady is living in.Most people who live in chesapake bay do crabbing.Also the Cheasapake bay is close to water which means they probly do quiet alot of fishing.hesapake bay holds over 18 trillions galoons of water.Forest cover over 58% of chesapake bay.

Explaining Characters

Brady is a 13 year old boy in 8th grade.He lives with his parents and his dog Tilly.Brady is the one who narrates the novel.His 2 best friends are JT and Digger and they all live in Chesapeake bay.Brady has a younger sister but she died when she was little.One of the things he does is crabbing as a hobby,Brady changed in a good way because he told the truth and he knows tell the truth is better.

J.t is great kid he is a very hard worker.His dad has a kidney problem so he his the male who takes care of his other family members.He does a lot of farm work.J.t had a younger sister her name was Kate .J.t's really name is Jeremy Tyler.J.t goes to school with his 2 best friends Brady,and Digger.J.t Changed in a good way because J.t will know never to do anything stupid like this ever again.

Digger is the one who planed on digging holes in the kayak and he forced J.t to do it with him.Diggers dad has gotten arrested a couple of times because he fought with Diggers mom even he argued in front with her in front of Digger and his siblings.Digger has one brother and one sister.He didn't like Mr.diAngelos because he bought Diggers Grandpa's piece of land which J.t,Brady,Him play on when they were little kids.Digger wanted Mr.DiAngelo to get hurt not Ben.Digger changed in bad way because he stilled planed on hurting Mr.DiAngelo not Ben.


Grief is a sorrow caused by a death

-Brady was yelling at the river for killing Ben.It relates to grief because the river reminds him of how Ben died.

-When Amanda died and Brady's mom went for a little while because she was sad about her death.That relates to grief because she went away to forget about Amanda's death.

-Mr and Mrs DiAngelo when for a trip to try to forget about Ben.Relates to grief because there very sad and there trying to forget about Ben.

Friendship is a close relationship

-When Digger stood up for J.t when he was getting bullied.It relates to friendship because Digger has a strong relation with J.t and doesn't want to see him get hurt.

-When J.t ask Brady if they could be friends again.Relates because J.t misses Brady because they were really close.

-In the story were they tell that they used to play on the piece of land TOGETHER.This related because they friends when they were little kids.

Truth is a fact or belief that is accepted true.

-Brady tell the lawyer about the drill.Related to truth because he has proof that it is true and it tells you in the novel that J.t admitted that him and Digger put the holes in the kayak.

-When J.t's lawyer tells the judge that J.t is really hard working.It relates to truth because the lawyer is not lying J.t is very hard working because he has to take care of his family and work.

-When Brady and his dad look for the kayak and they find it Brady tells his dad everything.Relates to truth because Brady is telling his dad the truth and His dad has to believe its true because his dad saw the kayak.

character vs (Character,Nature,Self,Society)

Character vs Nature

-When Brady yells at the river for the river.It is related to grief because Brady is sad and thinks the river killed Ben.

-When Brady was saving Ben he cared about Ben so much that he was giving him CPR while driving his boat in VERY rough water.This relates to friendship because Brady cares so much about Ben that he tries his best to make it across the river to save his life because he cares about Ben a lot.

-When Brady is looking for the kayak he vs the river because he is going to through the river so he find the kayak.This relates to truth because he did vs the river to find the kayak.

Character vs Self

-When Brady blames himself that Ben died because he wasn't quick enough to save him.This relates to grief  he is very sad that Ben died so he blames himself.

Brady's himself when he tries to pick if he should tell the truth the not.Relates to friendship because he cares about his friends so much and he thinks that if he tells his friends will get in trouble.

When Brady is telling his lawyer that the drills in the hole was his idea he could have been putting himself in trouble.This relates to truth because he is telling the truth that he was the one that gave the idea about the drills even though he could have gotten in trouble.

Character vs Character

-Digger hates Mr.DiAngelo for buying his Grandpa's property.This relates to grief because he Digger is sad that the piece of land his grandpa owns hes not allowed on anymore.

-When Mr.DiAngelo kicked Digger and Brady off his property.This related to truth because Brady and Digger were on his property.

-When Digger was yelling at Mr.Diangelo paddle hard sucker Brady was trying to calm him down.This related to friendship because Brady was trying to calm Digger down because he cares about Digger.

Character vs Society

-When they were at court and Brady accused J.t,and Digger of murder.That related to truth because Brady actually accused J.t and Digger of murder.

-When Digger  tells the judge not to do anything to J.t because he cares about J.t.That relates to friendship because Digger didn't want anything to happen to J.t.

-When Digger said to Brady that he didn't mean to hurt Ben and he feels bad for Ben dying.That relates to grief because he feels sad that Ben died.


I would give this a 4 out of 5 because I think that the book was a little boring especially in the start because I wasn't that hooked into the book until the the rising action.I liked how it ended with quiet a lot of cliff hangers because got me wondering what was going to happen next.Then after the climax I got bored of the book again.But If your a type of person that is into mystery and suspence  than this would be a great book for you.

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