The Journey So Far

My family, or Hispanics in general, are very family/friend oriented we want whats best for our friends/family and we tend to stay close
Friends are a huge part of my life because they're just like family! There to support me and they care for me too!
March 15th, 2014 was the day my nephew was born, I consider him a big part of my life and I love being an aunt to such a wonderful child!
Present. Family, friends, education.
Future. Photography. I believe that I will pursue photography whether it be as a hobby or a job, I love it.

My Past "Journey" More in Depth

When in elementary I wasn’t very grateful for my education, at first I was then I was a low B and mid C student I thought I was dumb. I then started not to care because I would think this isn’t for me. Middle school years I began to realize that education is a big part of my life, teachers really do care about us and they want us to be successful.


My first year as a freshman. The first day of school, I was nervous from the day before. I don't know if this is normal. I would think what if I can't find my classes or what if this, what if that, just what if? No, all the upper class men are friendly about helping you find your classes and teachers. High school was different from what I thought, I've got homework in at least one or two classes everyday. I like high school though, not too shabby.


Plans for the future, I'm not 100% sure exactly what I want to do. I think I would like to be a Nail Technician. I would like to still work at my parents restaurant, maybe for a part time job. I'm excited, a little bit nervous. I will do what I can for now until I figure myself out!

Advice to class of '19

Honestly, I can't think of a another way to put this but do your work. I know that everyone says to, but it will get you something. When you do your work I would advise you do it with all good intentions, too. If you want to be successful, you have to pass classes, colleges look at this stuff! I don't know, but I don't think you have your min3dset to working somewhere you hate. My views are if you love your job, you don't even call it a job, you call it something you love. Doing your work and trying your best in high school can do so much for you and your teachers really do care about you, but they can only do so much you have to put your part in it too.

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