What is Nutshell?

- Nutshell is a new creation app by Prezi.
- It allows users to take three photos in succession, overlay text and graphics, and turn the result into a short movie sequence.                                                                               - The end result, is your photos coming to life.

How can it be used in the classroom?

There are numerous ways this app could be used in the classroom.  Below are a couple examples:                                                                                                                             - Acting out a scene/historical event                                                                                    - Annotating a reflection video                                                                                             - Explain a cause and effect scenario                                                                                  - Any many other ways that you or your students can create  

How do I find it?

There is currently not an iPad version of this app.  However, the phone version still works great with the iPad.  Therefore, you must change the settings at the top like below: