Roman Architecture In Ancient Greece

By: Cheyenne Hiebner

Important innovations that build Ancient Rome

1. Aqueducts

  • Underground sewage
  • Transported water along stone walls and pipelines
  • Sanitary
  • They spread as far as 60 miles
  • 11 are still used today

2. Concrete

  • Rome developed it
  • Volcanic ash, and slake lime and combined with volcanic rocks
  • Pozzolana -> concrete hardened quickly

3. Roads and Highways

  • 1.7 sq. miles
  • Combination of dirt, gravel, and bricks; had some granite or gardened volcanic
  • Used for military conquests
  • Kept up roads basically how they do today

4. Arches

  • Romans were the first to effectively use them
  • They evenly distributed the weight
  • Began to define Roman architectural style

Roman Architechture

  • Arch
  • Vault
  • Dome
  • Used colonnades and rectangular buildings
  • Created huge buildings
  • Miles of roads
  • Dozen aqueducts

Roman Art

Adopted many Greek arts

  • Statues
  • Painted landscapes
  • Portraits
  • Detail
  • Male and Female

Roman Baths

  • Constantly supplied water
  • Included cold, warm, and hot baths
  • Included a gym, exercise area, and swimming pool
  1. Gave cloths to a slave attendant
  2. Go exercise
  3. Get in a hot bath
  4. Slave would rub on olive oil on body
  5. Scrape off oil
  6. Go into warm bath then cold bath
  7. Socialize in the pool
  • Usually for socializing, workings out and stay warm during winter
  • Not often cleaned