Allison Cromer

Robert Walton mission

Robert Walton wants to find an easier passage to the North Pole.While he sends letters home to his sister.

Victor Frankensteins introduction

As Waltons on his journey he comes across a man on an ice raft he brings him aboard and asks his name... Victor Frankenstein.

Waltons Quaters

Walton lets victor resign in his quarters while he gains his strength back. As victors resting Robert wants to ask question an talk with him. Victor begins to tell Robert about his life,while Robert writes letters back to his sister.

Victor and Robert talk.

As Victors tells his story he starts off by telling about his parents and who they were and what they did. Victor was born in Naples,Italy. Then as he went on vacation to the lake. Where his parents kinda adopt him a sister yet someone he will marry when he gets older. Her name is Elizabeth. Time passed and Victors mother dies.

Victors College

In this part of Victors life when hes much older he decides to go to college to study science at Ingolstad. During this time Victors all about himself and neglects his family.He becomes lonely,depressed and obsessed with his work.

The Monsters Alive

Victor creates the Monster!!!!!!! Victor soon realizes he doesn't like what he creates and is terrified of it. When it awakes Victors terrified and runs out.

Victors on his way home....

When Victor ran away from the monster, he ran into his dear friend Henry. They both went back to Victors room and the monster was gone! After a short time of returning Victor became ill. His friend took care of him throughout his sickness. During that time Victor receives letters from his family. He then returns home, after finding out about the murder of his little brother William.

His Home.

Before he gets to his house he sees the monster in the background . When he returns home to Geneva and everyone is sad and miserable.  Victor claims he knows who killed William.Everyone claims it was Justine, a young girl( house made) like family.Her family didn't believe it was her. The monster framed her and she was found guilty and was killed. Everyone is in a depression and Victor is sleep deprived.  

The Talk.

Victor decides to take a trip to the mountains and he sees the natural beauty. While hes up there he runs into the monster....... Victor is filled with rage. The monster gives him two choices to listen to is story or kill him.

Monster gets the bright idea..

The monster begins to tell his story of where hes been the past two years.... He tells Victor how the towns people hated him and was terrified of him. They chased him away. The monster came across a poor family, he stays in the little building they have. He helps them out without them knowing, he learns from them by watching. He tries to get the old blind man to see hes goodness and to get people to accept him. But the kids return and the brother attacks him and he flees. The family moves out and never returns. The monsters filled with anger and burns down the place. He decides to go after his creator.

work of second monster...

When the monster finishes his story he wants Victor to make him a companion so hes not sad anymore. So Victor and his friend Henry travel away to England. Victor wants to be left alone so he can began the process the monster requested. While Victors creating the second monster he doesn't like whats hes doing at all. He sees the monster looking through the window smiling and Victor begins to fill with rage and destroys hes work. The monster bust through the door and tells him he will regret what he has done. Monster says ill be with you on your wedding night.....

Gathered around Elizabeth when Victor decides what next to do..

Victor takes the body parts and depose of them in the lake..while hes on the little boat he falls asleep and drifts away... by time Victor awakes he finds his self on shore. He becomes accused of murder.  Victor goes to see the body and realizes its his dear friend Henry. Victor becomes depressed and goes into a deep depression while hes in a jail cell. He spends about 3 months in jail. His father comes to visit him and talks with him. Victor is found not guilty and gets released and returns home. He marries Elizabeth and on their wedding night Victor thinks the monsters after him but the monster kills Elizabeth... Then he sets off to destroy the monster. During that time his father dies.

Boat window the monsters last scene.......

In this section Victors back on the boat telling Robert his story. Victor becomes very sick. He insist that Robert continue the search for the monster. Victor then dies..... Robert leaves the cabin and hears noise in the cabin and returns in to find The Monster.... Theirs a little conversation  between the monster and Robert. The monster tells him hes going to disappear and never return. Hes going off to die because there's no one left for him or anyone to like him. He then jumps out the window onto an ice raft and drifts off. That's the last time Robert sees the Monster.....

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