Agree or disagree

I strongly agree with the statement that "power corrupts those who have it". I agree because people with power eventually start to abuse it and bend rules to their will. Some examples of this are the pigs from animal farm and dictators. In animal farm, the pigs make the other animals work and change their laws whenever it benefits them.

I strongly disagree with the statement "our lives are fated to play out in certain ways." You can do anything and change your path in life. Nothing can be decided for you. If you seek change it is up to you and you alone.

I agree with the statement "people should be punished for breaking the law". I agree because if they are not punished, then what is the point of having laws in the first place? Laws are put into place to protect people and to deal justice.

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3 years ago

Joe, good use of example in the first paragraph, but you need to make sure that you're continuing that through the assignment.