Teenage Culture in China

Dating and Marriage

-Teenagers love to go to parks, they often go to dances and parties for dates

-When a couple decide to get married the have to ask permission from their local government, so that they can legally get married.

-Chinas population has gotten so big that families cannot have more then two children. If they do you will have to either to put the baby to sleep or put them up for adoption

Their View of The US

-The majority of them do not feel hostile towards us, although that at anytime they get extremely mad at us they can easily take are states because of all of the money we owe them.

-This is also true for the teenage youth in their country, although they do not have very many political beliefs.


-Often people eat chicken and rice. Rice is very important to Chinese diets and culture.

-Most people eat at home for meals, it is extremely rare for people to eat out at restaurants unless it is for a wedding or an important date.

Pop Culture

-Chinese pop culture is generally very similar to our culture

-Most of Chinese teen culture is controlled through the Central Chinese Television

-They show a variety of shows ranging from realty or romantic drama

General Attitudes

-They are very reserved toward people that they don't know and very warming whenever they do know the people.

-Children are expected to withhold the family standings, and if they don't it is considered very rude and disrespectful

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