Judy Rodriguez

gizmos and gadgets

This course was very eye opening.  There are so many websites and so many resources out there that I never even knew existed.  I benefited tremendously from the vocabulary flashcards, the online bookmarking and the rubrics.  My students loved the idea of the flashcards especially when I made them on Flippety because they were able to print a vocabulary sheet to help them study.

My future technology goals are to begin creating more online-based study tools and maybe even some sort of a portfolio.  Vocabulary is such a difficult challenge for me in that each chapter always requires between 70-80 words.  I have to start utilizing more web-based programs to demonstrate pictures and help to create more study tools in that the students really enjoy utilizing them in and out of the classroom.

Of course I had to include a picture of my nephew in that he just reminds me of how the little things just aren't worth stressing over.  With more of an educational purpose, the picture manipulation can be a fun way to highlight vocabulary.  In that we have an iPad, it could be fun to let the students create various pictures highlighting vocabulary.  This site could be a fun way as well in that they can take pictures and sen them to me electronically and share them with their classmates.  

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